Testimonials from our English Bulldog puppy buyers. These buyers share their experience regarding purchase of their puppy from Brenglora Bulldogs.

New owner with 2 English Bulldogs she got from us.
New owner with 2 English Bulldogs she got from us.

Dear Gloria,

My husband and I would like to express our appreciation for your being such a responsible breeder and for always being available to answer our questions regardless of how insignificant they may be. You have always kept us informed and updated on the progress of each of our pups before we actually receive them, which is one of the reasons we have bought four Bulldogs over the last nine years from Brenglora!!

All of the bullies from Brenglora Bulldogs have had the greatest temperament and have been an important part of our family. Everyone that sees our latest pup wants to know where we got him! We cannot thank you enough for providing such wonderful creatures and for being the kind of breeder that we have been able to rely on for many years. I hope that there will be many more bulldogs in my life, and that they are all Brenglora bulldogs!

Jackie DeArmond
Attorney at Law

This is for anyone considering buying a bulldog puppy from Gloria, also known as Brenglora Bulldogs. I am the proud owner of 2 English bulldog puppies from this wonderful breeder. My dogs are gorgeous, happy and unbelievably healthy. My 2 year old female has never been to the vet for anything other than routine care. She breathes well, has gorgeous skin and no eye or allergy problems. If you know Bulldogs at all, you know how rare this is. My younger puppy seems to follow in his sister’s footsteps. But even more important to me is their temperament. They are loving, gentle, smart and sweet- without an ounce of aggression. They love all people, other dogs and each other. I cannot imagine life without them. I will never buy a bulldog anywhere else. These dogs are everything a bulldog should be. Finally, there is Gloria herself. All breeders should be like her. She cares about where her puppies go and likes to receive follow up photos and information as they grow. She makes herself available to you for questions and guidance even after you take your puppy home. The entire puppy buying experience was a joy with someone so honest, reputable and responsible. I just know Gloria’s efforts have helped better the Bulldog breed!

Dr. and Mrs ( Donna) S.
My bully was from a litter of Gigolo’s pups and he is a fantastic dog. We haven’t had any health issues and he has no skin or coat problems. Our dog looks just like his dad and we get compliments on him everywhere he goes. He is very sweet, easy going and has a wonderful personality. I couldn’t have asked for a better specimen of bulldog. He is truly a member of the family. When we first got our puppy, Gloria was great answering all of my questions and gives thorough care instructions so she really cares about her dogs. I can’t imagine going anywhere else to buy a bully because I know Brenglora’s dogs are top notch and well cared for.

Miranda S. Colorado
I was thinking about you today. I want to email you some pictures and fill you in on Utley’s progress. He is without a doubt the best dog I have ever had. The entire family is in love and my girls have given him a photo album on Facebook. He truly is a special little man. Everywhere Utley and I go people want to know where he came from. He is so handsome, I really think he is the best looking dog I have ever seen. All the best to you.

Melissa I. California
Hi Gloria, I just wanted to update you on our bundle of joy:) Chunk is doing great!!! He is such a sweetheart, and growing beautifully. He has turned into our little celebrity, everywhere we go we are stopped. I can’t tell you how much we are in love with him. Baxter and Chunk play constantly, which is the cutest thing ever. He is a growing big boy gained about 2lbs in one week:) I wanted to share with you some photos…1st photo was at the airport…Your puppy Nanny’s are great!! Thank you!
My husband and I have been following Brenglora Bulldogs for about 7 years. We finally decided that it was time to add a new member to our family. We couldn’t be anymore pleased, Gloria has established such a beautiful bloodline. All of their dogs are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Our vet”s initial reaction was “Wow this is a perfect specimen of a English Bulldog” and we agree! Thank you so much Brenglora Bulldogs.

Marisol and David R. Pennsylvania
Gloria, Just wanted to let you know we got home late last night after we had to wait an hour longer in Dallas for the pilot to show up (that was a new one in flying!) Anyways he is doing great and after an hour of sniffing my two pugs woke up this morning and treated him as one of gang. I took him to the vet this morning and he checked out great and was micro chipped. My vet was impressed with his soundness and structure and said he was the finest bulldog pup he had ever examined in his 25 year career. I will send you some pictures occasionally so you can see how he grows up. Thanks for your conscientious breeding….it is much appreciated.

Jenifer S. Mississippi
Gloria, We wanted to drop you a note and let you know just how special our little girl is. She has been in her new home with us for 3 weeks now. We had 20 people here for Thanksgiving and our little Boo was a perfect hostess. She greeted everyone with wiggles and love. She never was afraid or tentative. All in all she was the life of the party! We can’t thank you enough for breeding such wonderful bulldogs. Our last girl from you was with us for over 12 and half years. She was healthy, happy and perfect in every way. We miss her terribly but we are delighted to say we have another “perfect” girl from you. Here are a few pictures of Boo for your enjoyment. “Boo” is from Gigolo and Armani’s daughter Please keep breeding these perfect little angels. All our best

Sue and Jeffrey S. Chicago
Gloria- I wanted to send you some pictures of Annie – who we have now had for 1 year. As you can see from the first two pictures, she has found a place in our boy‘s hearts. And from the third picture you can see why they ALL are so tired. She doesn’t want to leave their side even if they are in the tree. Thanks again for helping build these memories for the boys and us.

Adam F. Wisconsin
Gloria I just wanted to let you know that Daisy Valentine Riley will be 11 years old on December 16 2012. I purchased her from you a long time ago. She has brought me so much joy and love and she is the love of my life. Still spry and still the same as when I first got her. She loves to be loved and loves to eat and sleep. She is simply amazing. Thank you for bringing her into my life 11 years ago. I cherish every day I have with her.

Antoinette Riley
Hi Gloria! I love your redesigned website, it looks great. Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our Ruby, born October 13 of 2010. I just sent you a photo from my iPhone, hope you enjoy it. We have many expensive oriental rugs in our home, and Ruby has NEVER had an accident. She is a well-mannered, smart dog. We get SO many compliments from people who meet her, and most of them have never met an English Bulldog before. (They are not common here in St. Paul, Minnesota.) Ruby is a great representative of the breed – friendly, sweet, great conformation, obedient. Ruby loves our lake cabin, and runs along the shore chasing waves. She wears her life-jacket whenever she is near the water. She barks when she sees a sailboat or sail-surfer, especially when the sail makes noise. We are working on that. ? Thank you again, Gloria, for giving us such a beautiful Bulldog.

Mary Baker St. Paul, Minnesota
Dear Gloria, Just wanted to update you on Chelsea. Thank you so much for letting me purchase her, each day she becomes more lovable and enjoyable. She is so docile and every time a person approaches her or speaks to her she lies on her back expecting everyone to pet her. The first week the doorman where I lived, asked if I ever need a babysitter he would gladly accept. That Saturday evening, I attended a musical and let him keep Chelsea for several hours. He sits behind a counter and that night apparently everyone that passed through the lobby was introduced to Chelsea. For the next several weeks, I would get in the elevator and people I had never seen or met would call her by name and pet her. I still continues today and she loves the attention. The pet sitter that walks her each day, calls her the little star of Downtown Oklahoma City. As she walks Chelsea, people come out of their offices to see her and pet her each day.

The Mayor of Oklahoma City, Mick Cornett, lives in the loft next to mine and is one of her greatest fans, he jokes he would like to take her to the office each day. She is well behaved and sits and waits for the elevator and when inside sits until the doors opens again. She never barks, is completely potty trained, retrieves a ball, comes and sits on command. She is so easy to train and is so peaceful and happy. I have followed your bulldog instruction sheet and she is very healthy and turning into a very pretty dog. I am very pleased with her. I think you do a wonderful job breeding, not only are your dogs beautiful but have a great temperament and disposition. Several times a week, I have people approach me and tell me if I ever want to give her away, they would love to have her.

I never knew people loved bulldogs so much. The only negative thing I have ever noticed about Chelsea is that she is very stubborn. She has a routine each day and she never deviates. Whether it is when she eats, has a snack or goes to bed. We have to walk the same route each day and enter the building through the same door each time or she sits down and will not move. Of course, this is no problem and kind of funny. I had a lady on the street approach me and tell me she loved how I painted some of Chelsea’s toenails black and left the other one’s clear. I didn’t tell her they were natural. Again, thank you for everything.

Kelly Harrison

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