Scam Websites

Scammer Websites. Below are some screen shots of scam websites.

Scammers set up fake websites and steal content and photos from other breeders websites. Our website has been copied and our photos stolen. Most of these scammers are in Nigeria and run ads on Google and other search engines.  Puppies are never 50% off, potty trained or 1000.00 or below. Reputable breeders have a lot of money in raising a litter. Below are some screenshots of scam websites. Sorry we can’t help you if you got scammed. Please report these fake websites to Google adwords for removal. also report to  The FTC. Report scams

Be really careful in purchasing a puppy. Never deal with anyone that has no phone number, no Facebook or other page to check references. If you can only message or text and cannot call them most likely a scam. They also have fake Facebook pages which will show NO reviews. Reputable breeders have plenty of reviews and references to check. Ask for a video of the puppy you are interested in. Never send money Western Union, Zelle or to a foreign bank account.