English Bulldog Puppy
One of our English Bulldog Puppies

Looking for English Bulldog puppies for sale? We will have English Bulldog puppies born Fall 2017. They will be available for sale November to January timeline.


Us being very picky when it comes to new homes for our English Bulldog Puppies. We want  them to have the best homes possible.  As a buyer, if you are away from home 8 to 10 hours a day a Bulldog puppy would not be a good fit for you. English Bulldog puppies require lots of attention to be happy. Alternatively, have someone babysit your Bulldog puppy or have a person come in and take the puppy out a few times before you get home.

Care we give our English Bulldog Puppies

Before we offer our English Bulldog puppies for sale, they are spoiled by us and we require that to continue after the sale to a new owner. Our English Bulldog puppies are vet checked at least twice before they are offered for sale. All puppies have vaccines up to date, and come with a 1 year health guarantee and sales contract in writing. We offer a puppy courier to bring your puppy to you. Once the puppy is sold, you will need to contact the courier right away to make arrangements for delivery so he/she can book their flights. We can send English bulldog puppies with him/her anywhere in the U.S.A. and the Canadian border. The puppy is in the passenger cabin of the plane with the courier the entire flight. They will be in contact with you of arrival time of your puppy.

 English Bulldog Puppies for sale? BUYER BEWARE of bad breeders,scams, internet pet shops.

Do not price shop when looking for English Bulldog puppies for sale. All puppies available for sale are not the same quality or the same health. Beware of scams. We have had our entire website stolen and used to make a fake website. This is why we mark our photos. If the price sounds too good to be true most likely it is.

Furthermore, Bulldog puppies  purchased  from unscrupulous breeders are raised in a bad environment with very little to no attention. The cheapest puppy you find to buy purchased from a bad place is destined to  have many health issues that costs plenty in vet bills, not to mention the stress and heartbreak dealing with an unhealthy puppy.  Our vet checks any English Bulldog puppy we have for sale, at least twice. You are assured of a healthy, happy, vaccinated, vet checked puppy from the finest bloodlines and healthy parents, that is already spoiled.

Just another video of the puppies. 7 weeks old. 😍😍 No they are not available. We may have more puppies in the fall.

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The puppies above in the video are from a past litter. See more on the English Bulldog puppy videos page.

Reserve a Bulldog puppy to purchase

We do not have English Bulldog Puppies for sale all the time. If you would like to get on our waiting list to reserve a puppy, Please give us a call. We do not mass produce English Bulldog puppies so you may have to wait a bit. We breed for Quality NOT quantity. At Brenglora Bulldogs, litters are planned very carefully to get the best puppies we can.See Fathers to our English Bulldog puppies      See the Mamma’s to our English Bulldog puppies

We reserve by deposit. Deposits are $500.00. We keep a waiting list for our Bulldog puppies. We accept deposits by bank wire from your bank to ours. This is very safe and fast. A bank requires My verified address that is on my account in order to do a transfer so you are safe.  You will have a record of the transaction as will I. Reservations are in order of receipt. Deposits are not refundable in the event you change your mind and are no longer wanting a puppy. It isn’t fair to us to ask for your deposit back. Be sure you truly want to purchase a puppy before placing a deposit.  Keep in mind you may have to wait a bit, since we do not have English Bulldog puppies for sale all the time.  As a reputable breeder, our focus is more on quality and health, not how many puppies we can sell. See more advice on Buying a puppy   Buying a Bulldog puppy page.


English Bulldog Puppy
One of our English Bulldog Puppies

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