Puppy Reservations-Delivery information

              English Bulldog Puppy/Reservations and delivery information.

 Our last English Bulldog Puppy litter video below.


Baby English Bulldog Puppies will be born late Spring early summer 2018. Reservations being accepted now. Read our purchasing and delivery information below. Get on our waiting list for future puppies. This is the best way to pick the Bulldog puppy you want. We usually do not have puppies for sale on this page as they are all reserved by people on our waiting list. If you are looking for the cheapest English Bulldog puppy you can find, we are not the breeder for you.

English Bulldog puppy
One of our Bulldog puppies

Waiting list for future English Bulldog puppy/Reserve A Puppy

We keep a waiting list for future English Bulldog puppies available. We prefer to speak to anyone interested in reserving a puppy by phone.

 See Fathers to our English Bulldog puppies      See the Mamma’s to our English Bulldog puppies

The best way to get all purchasing information is to give us a call to see when we will have English bulldog puppies born. Our puppies are all sold on spay/neuter agreement. Puppies are reserved by deposit. Deposits are $1000.00.Our English Bulldog puppies are reserved by getting on our waiting list. We accept deposits by bank wire from your bank to ours. This is very safe and fast. A bank requires My verified address that is on my account in order to do a transfer to me. You will have a record of the transaction as will I. Reservations are in order of receipt. Deposits are not refundable in the event you change your mind and are no longer wanting a puppy from us. Be sure you truly want to purchase a puppy before placing a deposit. We do not have pups for sale all the time. Keep in mind you may have to wait a bit for your puppy. Good things come to those who wait. (Very true in the case of buying a puppy) Payment is due in full once you pick out your puppy. If you pick out a pup then do not pay for it in full you lose your deposit. To reserve a puppy Contact us See more advice on Buying a puppy   Buying a Bulldog puppy page


We offer a puppy courier to hand deliver your new English bulldog puppy to you. The puppy is flown in cabin with the courier not in cargo.You will be met at your nearest airport or delivery to your home for an extra fee.

The courier will be in contact with you of flight arrival time. We have used the same people for 7 years and are very happy with their service.They may be a little more expensive than others but more than make up for it with their excellent care and service. Located in New York it is easy for them to deliver puppies to the east coast They can deliver to any major airport in the U.S. Buyers are also welcome to come to our airport and take their puppy back home with them. Buyers can take their puppy on the plane as a carry-on. You will need a soft sided puppy carrier. We will meet Buyers at the airport.

The puppies above in the video are from a past litter. See more on the English Bulldog puppy videos page.


English Bulldog Puppy
One of our English Bulldog Puppies

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Puppy Reservations-Delivery informationPuppy Reservations-Delivery informationPuppy Reservations-Delivery information

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