Advice on buying an English Bulldog Puppy.

Armani with his son.

Looking for an English Bulldog puppy to buy?

After 35+ years breeding Bulldogs we can give these two pieces of advice if you are looking for an English bulldog puppy to buy: I do not say this to get people to buy from us. I do not care where you choose to buy your Bulldog. This is just for your own information.
1. Please choose a reputable breeder!!.
2. Do not price shop!! You get what you pay for!! Don’t buy on impulse because you have to have a puppy right now. Work with a reputable breeder, you may have to wait a bit, but, in the end you will be much better off. Impulse buying is really not such a good idea when it comes to buying a puppy. You may think you have to have one right now and may buy with your heart and not with your head.

English Bulldog Puppy
One of our English Bulldog Puppies

There are always breeders looking for a gimmick to sell their puppies for more money (miniature bulldogs, rare colors, blue eyes, Etc). If people keep breeding away from the standard just to suit their own personal agenda, and not breed to the standard, the Bulldog as we know it now will not exist.

First it was mini Bulldogs, now it is colors that are not allowed in the standard. This kind of thinking to change the way a Bulldog is intended to look is detrimental to the breed. The standard is a blueprint of what a purebred Bulldog should be, not someones bright idea to change a breed standard to make more money. As a result you pay more money for less quality. These dogs could never be shown since the non standard colors are disqualification at an AKC dog show.

 Support Bulldog breeders that breed for the standard when buying an English Bulldog puppy.

English Bulldog Puppy
One of our English Bulldog puppies

Description from the official Bulldog standard regarding eyes, color of coat and nose. Eyes very dark, Nose Black. Read on.

Eyes and Eyelids — The eyes, seen from the front, should be situated low down in the skull, as far from the ears as possible, and their corners should be in a straight line at right angles with the stop. They should be quite in front of the head, as wide apart as possible, provided their outer corners are within the outline of the cheeks when viewed from the front. They should be quite round in form, of moderate size, neither sunken nor bulging, and in color should be very dark. The color of coat is explained below. Bulldogs are not supposed to be Blue, tri colored, or merle. Or any other color except as explained below. Consider the fact these “Rare” colors are from crossing breeds.

Color of Coat: The color of coat should be uniform, pure of its kind and brilliant. Colors are red, white, fawn, fallow, or any combination of the foregoing. Patterns and markings may include brindle, piebald, ticking, black masks, black tipping, and a minimal amount of black in piebalds. All other colors or markings are a disqualification. The merle pattern is a disqualification Disqualification: Brown or Liver Colored Nose

The Official Bulldog Standard

The nose should be BLACK!! Bulldog puppies are born with pink noses. The noses gradually turn black. If the pups has a brown or liver colored nose AVOID. The popularity of the Bulldog makes it more likely that substandard dogs are bred. There are no rare colors in Bulldogs, Breeders breeding colors of coat and eyes and nose that are undesirable in the AKC Bulldog standard and are selling them as rare for more money than a standard color high quality puppy would be. These dogs are mixed with other breeds since blue, black and tan, chocolate, and lilac among other colors do NOT exist in our breed.

Why does this affect people that like different colors in English Bulldogs

Read the above again, I know you say you are just looking for a pet, but, do you really want a puppy that comes from questionable heritage? If not read the AKC Bulldog standard. We have had people call us all the time with sad stories of bad experiences wishing they had done more research when they bought their puppy.

Buying a healthy, high quality, Bulldog puppy is not cheap.

English Bulldog puppy.
One of our male English Bulldog Puppies

By Buying the cheapest puppy you can find you may end up spending more at the vet than the purchase price of the dog. A dog is only as healthy as the dogs in his/her pedigree. And the knowledge the breeder has of the dogs in the pedigree is mandatory. Experienced breeders know which dogs to breed to and ones to avoid. Novice breeders (breed pet quality Bulldog to pet quality Bulldog without a clue what they are doing) Pet quality is defined as a dog that does not conform to the standard for one reason or another or has a disqualification.

Why does this matter for someone wanting to buy a pet Bulldog puppy?

Money motivated sellers do not care as long as they sell the pups. As a result you as a buyer get the health problems and heart break. Always do your research when looking for a puppy. Bulldogs are very popular right now and everyone seems to think they can make money selling puppies. We breed for health, conformation (according to the Bulldog standard) and sweet temperament. Yes you can have a healthy dog with a short nose and heavy body and wrinkles. People claiming better health because their dogs have no wrinkles, long nose,and are tall and skinny. Sorry, all that is, is just poor quality. We have had Bulldogs from our breeding live to 14.There are lots of standard bred Bulldogs living long healthy lives. More about us .

Two English Bulldogs with new owners.
New owners with two of our English Bulldogs they bought as puppies.

Why English Bulldog puppies are expensive.

In addition our goal as responsible breeders is quality not quantity. Breeding healthy and conformation correct English Bulldogs is not cheap nor is it easy. As a result, we have a lot of money in our dogs, and their care and well being. The time spent hand raising puppies is a 24 hour job the first 3 weeks of life. C-section and other costs add up. Consequently, DO NOT ask us to reduce the price on puppies. We do not negotiate. Finally, most puppies go to new homes at age 8 to 10 weeks depending on development. Our puppies are priced in line with other reputable breeders. To see information on our Courier service for delivery look on our Available puppies  Page

New owner with her English Bulldog puppy.
New owner with one of our English Bulldog puppies.

 Our English bulldog Puppies are sold with no breeding rights.

Puppies are all sold to PET homes only on a spay/neuter agreement Puppies are not sold with breeding rights.The result of having had too many bad experiences selling to breeders. Now we are very careful who gets our puppies. As a result, we reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone. We care about the homes our puppies will go to. Preference for contact is to speak to anyone interested in our puppies personally by phone. Give us a call to be placed on the reservation list. Any questions you may have we would be happy to answer. Check to see if we have English Bulldog puppies Available.

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English Bulldog Puppy
One of our male English Bulldog Puppies