Brenglora Bulldogs started with our first English Bulldog “Sally” in 1979.

one of our female English Bulldogs
One of our English Bulldog females “Tonka” a photo from her new mom and dad.

Once you have your first English Bulldog, of course,you will always want to have more than one Bulldog. Our first litter of Bulldog puppies was born in 1982 and we kept all of the females. It is history from there. Our goal has always been to improve the Bulldog breed. Meaning, we breed to the official Bulldog breed standard of excellence. At the time we got our first Bulldog, Bulldogs were not a really popular breed. Most Bulldog breeders then, were true enthusiasts that bred to improve and protect the breed, and, the breed standard. We were lucky to have had those type of mentors. Those values in us have not changed. Today the Bulldog breed is very popular and there are too many people breeding solely for financial gain and are not true breed enthusiasts. If you get a Bulldog from us, you are buying from true lovers of the breed, We are not someone just blindly raising puppies to sell for the most profit.

Another priority is to breed healthy English Bulldogs. As a result of this many years breeding Bulldogs we have learned so much about the breed, but, still realize there is always room for improvement and always something new to learn. Our website has been online since 1999. We have a limited number of litters of Bulldog puppies born each year focusing more on quality and health than quantity.Getting on our waiting list is the best way to obtain one of our puppies. We sell and offer personal delivery on our puppies to all locations within the U.S.and Canada. Available puppies and upcoming litters Finally, Buyers can always contact us for questions concerning a Bulldog puppy purchased from here no matter how long you have had your Bulldog.


English Bulldog Puppy
One of our English Bulldog Puppies

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