About us. Located in Augusta, KS We send puppies nationwide by in cabin air courier. Why get a puppy from us instead of just any other breeder? From our years dealing with puppy buyers we have found that very few people actually take our advice when it comes to where they buy a puppy. Most only care about getting the cheapest puppy or a certain color or “rare” fad puppy or got to have it NOW.
If this is your mindset then good luck with your purchase. When you have spent thousands of dollars correcting health problems or you wonder why your dog lived only a few years or did not have a good temperament, then maybe you will understand why get a puppy from someone like us. You will find on the internet, Number 1- online pet stores or brokers acting as breeders getting puppies from puppy mills. Saying “Oh we get our puppies from the best breeders.” NOT! The best breeders don’t let someone else sell their pups or sell them in stores or a broker online. We care where they go and we chose their homes. These places always have pups for sale. Number 2 – Scammers, preying on puppy buyers, if you want cheap puppies? They can help you by ripping you off! You get 50 percent off and free shipping!! Number 3- Breeders who breed for whatever they can get more money for calling whatever color or size they have “rare”. If you want to pay way too much money for a dog that doesn’t meet the breed standard and most likely is mixed breed then again, good luck with your purchase. The only thing rare these days are good breeders that truly care about the Bulldog breed and breed puppies to the AKC and BCA Bulldog standard.
All Bulldog puppies are not the same in quality or health. By the way, the breed standard for each purebred dog is a blueprint of how each dog looks and how their temperament should be. All purebred dogs are bred for a purpose. You do not want a purple hunting dog that can’t hunt because it is “rare” or you like the color. You want it for what it was bred for. Then you have breeders like us. Brenglora Bulldogs was established in 1979, we are small quality and health focused English Bulldog breeders, producing a few litters per year. All puppies are raised in our home and spoiled. We offer lifetime support for all of our puppies we have sold. At Brenglora Bulldogs we are true breed enthusiasts and breed only for betterment of the breed. Each litter is planned carefully focusing on the Bulldog standard not fad colors or mini Bulldogs etc. At Brenglora Bulldogs we want to keep the breed as intended by the Bulldog standard. We are breeders of Bulldogs living to 15. We breed the finest quality puppies for those wanting the very best. Call us anytime for more information on our Bulldogs. Since our focus is breeding for quality not quantity we advise getting on our waiting list.

English Bulldog Puppy
One of our English Bulldog Puppies

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