Brenglora Bulldogs started with our first English Bulldog “Sally” in 1979. Once you have your first English Bulldog, of course,you will always want to have more than one Bulldog. Our first litter of Bulldog puppies was born in 1982 and we kept all of the females. It is history from there. Our goal has always been to improve the Bulldog breed. Meaning we breed to the AKC official Bulldog breed standard of excellence.

Another goal we have always had, is,to breed healthy English Bulldogs.  As a result of this many years breeding Bulldogs we have become reputable honest breeders that love Bulldogs. We have been online since 1999. We have a limited number of litters of Bulldog puppies born each year. Finally, we are always here for questions concerning a Bulldog puppy purchased from us no matter how long you have had him/her.

English Bulldog Puppy
One of our English Bulldog Puppies



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