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English Bulldog  breeder since 1979.  We sell Exceptional quality, healthy, English Bulldog Puppies. We will have English Bulldog pups available for sale fall/winter 2017. Reserve your puppy now for best selection.

Male English Bulldog
Armani, one of our English Bulldog males

Why buy a Bulldog puppy from us instead of any other English Bulldog breeder?

 Although we certainly cannot make that decision for you. If you do consider us to be your next Bulldog puppy’s breeder, you will know the puppy you choose will have been carefully bred for heath and temperament. As a reputable breeder, we choose bloodlines very carefully before we breed any of our English Bulldogs. Your puppy will have had love and attention from birth, the best food and environment, and the best veterinarian care.

We have been breeding Bulldogs longer than most, also, with that length of time breeding, we know the bloodlines very well. Some English Bulldog bloodlines produce certain health and temperament problems. Knowing which ones are most likely to produce certain issues, we can avoid using them to breed.. We choose to breed from only European imported Bulldogs since we personally love the way they look and they have proved to be very healthy. As a result we have had much better puppies health wise with these dogs than we have had in the past. We picked what we believe to be some of the best breeders in Europe to purchase our breeding dogs. We have some of the best, world renown bloodlines.

One of our male English Bulldog puppies

If you are looking for English Bulldog Puppies For Sale.

Always be very careful which breeder you choose. English Bulldog puppies are not cheap to purchase. Beware of internet pet stores saying they get their puppies from the best reputable breeders. Reputable breeders never sell their puppies through a broker. A broker buys puppies to sell to an internet pet store, they do not come from reputable breeders. Most ethical and reputable breeders have a few litters of Bulldog puppies per year.

An Internet pet store shows many English Bulldog puppies for sale, and some show different breeds for sale other than English Bulldogs. Pet stores get their puppies from puppy mills producing a very large number of pups. You shouldn’t be fooled by their posts of celebrity buyers. They breed any dog to any dog to get puppies to sell. No consideration goes to health or temperament. Many of these dogs have genetic diseases that are passed on to their puppies. Most puppy mill dogs do not live in a very good environment and receive very little human attention. The pet store is a broker or go between to sell the pups. Buying a Bulldog puppy from these types of situations are more likely to have illnesses such as parvo virus, kennel cough etc. Due to crowded conditions and environment.

Looking for a reputable breeder to purchase your English Bulldog Puppy?

First of all, Reputable breeders care where their puppies go, and will not let someone else determine the homes they will go to. Being reputable breeders, our English Bulldog puppies to go to the best homes. The breeder you choose will be the best or worst decision you can make. Choose your breeder carefully. as a result, you will be assured of the healthiest English Bulldog puppy having the least amount of issues. We offer lifetime guidance on raising your puppy you get from us and are available to answer any questions you may have. With our years experience breeding English Bulldogs you receive one of the best experiences purchasing a Bulldog puppy. Brenglora Bulldogs only breed for the love of the breed and breed for the AKC standard of excellence. We are proud breeders of Bulldogs living to 14.

Finally we are state licensed and inspected by state inspector and veterinarian. For those who want the very best in quality, health and temperament.  See if we have English Bulldog puppies for sale

English Bulldog Puppy.
One of our male English Bulldog Puppies

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