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 Breeder of quality English Bulldogs. English Bulldog Puppy sales and delivery nationwide. We will have puppies born October/November. Reserve now for best selection. All of our Bulldogs are AKC registered. Puppies are sold to pet homes only.

Male English Bulldog
“Armani” one of our male English Bulldogs

 Looking to purchase a puppy?

  When looking to purchase an English Bulldog puppy the choices of available puppies for sale can be a little overwhelming. Understanding how confusing it can be, so, we will answer any questions you may have about our puppies we sell. You will find our long breeding history goes into the quality and health of the pups produced here. Our pups are raised in our home.

Most of our baby Bulldog puppies are hand raised from birth. Our pups are well socialized and spoiled and come with all vaccines up to date. Parents are chosen carefully for their health, conformation, and temperament. All of our Puppies are vet checked before we sell them. Two vet visits are done on every litter to assure the pups are healthy before going to new homes. We give lifetime support for new owners.

Bulldog Puppy
Male Bulldog puppy from one of our past litters.

Looking for a healthy Bulldog puppy? Our breeding dogs are all health checked before breeding.

Our Bulldogs are imported from Europe, or are puppies we kept from our imports. We decided to bring in Bulldogs from some of the best breeders in Europe after becoming discouraged with our breeding choices here in the U.S. We were trying to improve on health and bring in some characteristics we needed and all the best bloodlines here were virtually the same. Since we have had our imported dogs, we have found them to be very healthy and sweet tempered. All of our Bulldogs have world renown European champion bloodlines from the best most reputable Bulldog show kennels in Europe.

The difference in our English Bulldogs

Our English Bulldog puppies are priced very reasonable compared to the cost of buying our initial breeding dogs and bringing them to the U.S. We are one of very few breeders in the U.S. with exclusively European bloodlines. Just a couple of the many health benefits we have in our English Bulldog puppies because of our imported Bulldogs are as follows:

For the most part our pup’s tails are looser from the body or our puppies have straight spike tails so no issues with ingrown tight tails that sometimes need to be surgically removed or cleaned constantly. Also, the nostrils are not pinched and do not need to be opened surgically. We are getting bigger tracheal size with our puppies bred from the imported Bulldogs. These are just three of the problems we wanted to improve on in our Bulldogs and I am happy to say for the most part we have. Read some of our Testimonials

Looking for a reputable breeder to purchase your Puppy?

The breeder you choose will be the best or worst decision you can make when choosing a puppy to purchase.. Pick your breeder carefully and as a result, you will be assured of the healthiest English Bulldog puppy having the least amount of issues. We offer lifetime guidance on raising your puppy you get from us, and are available to answer any questions you may have.  Proud breeders of Bulldogs living to 14. We are happy to refer buyers to other reputable breeders we trust if we have no puppies available.

Finally, Brenglora Bulldogs is state licensed and inspected and veterinarian approved by inspection and AKC inspected and approved.    See if we have puppies for sale  Information on Buying a Bulldog puppy

English Bulldog Puppy.
One of our male English Bulldog Puppies

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