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Reputable Breeder of top quality English Bulldogs. English Bulldog Puppies for sale to select homes.

Founded in 1979 makes Brenglora Bulldogs one of the oldest established reputable breeders offering beautiful top quality English Bulldog puppies for sale. We have safe nationwide personal hand delivery by courier. We will have puppies born Spring/summer 2018. Reservations being accepted now. Call us to get on our waiting list for future puppies available. Since we are not a mass producer or re-seller we do not have puppies all the time. The focus here is quality, healthy,well adjusted puppies not how many we can sell.
A couple of our puppy photos below

Male English Bulldog puppy for sale
Male English Bulldog Puppy (sold)
English Bulldog puppy for sale
English Bulldog puppy (sold)

Looking for a reputable breeder to buy an English Bulldog Puppy?

There are many scams, internet pet stores, and breeders that are producing and selling poor quality puppies in mass. Buying a puppy from a reputable breeder, meaning one that is more of a breed enthusiast is a much better option than someone that re-sells puppies or just indiscriminately breeds to sell. A breed enthusiast is a breeder that breeds to improve the breed according to the particular breed standard and also focuses on health and correct temperament. Puppies are vet checked, raised in a loving environment, and when it comes time to sell the puppies, they care that the puppies are going to the best homes.

Sellers/backyard breeders sell to anyone with the money and not really caring if the home is appropriate or not. Reputable breeders usually only have a few litters per year, as opposed to a breeder that produces whatever sells best for the most money ( Non standard colors, features etc.) in large quantity. We are breed enthusiasts and started breeding Bulldogs at a time when they were not that popular. Like all enthusiasts, we love Bulldogs.

The breeder you choose will be the best or worst decision you can make when choosing a puppy to purchase.. Pick your breeder carefully and as a result, you will be assured of the healthiest English Bulldog puppy having the least amount of issues.  Offering lifetime guidance on raising your puppy you get from us, and are available to answer any questions you may have. Brenglora Bulldogs are Proud breeders of Bulldogs living to 14. We are happy to refer buyers to other reputable breeders we trust if we have no puppies available.

Finally, Brenglora Bulldogs is state licensed and inspected and veterinarian approved by inspection and AKC inspected and approved.    See if we have puppies for sale  Information on Buying a Bulldog puppy

English Bulldog Puppy.
One of our male English Bulldog Puppies

Contact us to get on our puppy waiting list.

Gloria Redden PH-316-775-5921 E-mail bulldogs@brenglorabulldogs.com

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