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Brenglora Bulldogs 

The finest English Bulldog puppies for sale Reputable English Bulldog Breeders since 1979

 For those who want the very best.
We will have new English Bulldog puppies born in may also july august 2015. Contact us to get on our waiting list.


Welcome to Brenglora Bulldogs.Contact us to see if we have puppies for sale. Buy the best English Bulldog puppy and you will not be disappointed. If you know and appreciate a quality animal and the importance of choosing a reputable breeder you have come to the right place. We have been breeders of outstanding Bulldogs for over 30 years. We have world reknown Bloodlines and the experience to produce healthy and beautiful English Bulldogs. There are English Bulldog puppies for sale everywhere but remember all English Bulldogs are not the same. Get a beautiful and healthy puppy from a reputable breeder and you will have a puppy you will be proud to own and cherish for many years to come. Unlike some WE CARE what we breed .Our reputation is on the line with every puppy we sell. We follow the guidelines of the AKC Bulldog standard and breed for quality, temperament and health. Buyers beware. Our English Bulldog puppy photos have been stolen from our website and used to scam people. We do not advertise anywhere where we do not have a link to our website.If you see the photos below of our puppies offered for sale it is a scam.

Some of our English Bulldog puppy pictures below.

These pictures of our Male English Bulldog puppies below have been stolen from our
website and used by scammers.

Buyer Beware!!!

Buying A Puppy. Differences In English Bulldog Puppies

If you have searched around and looked at different english Bulldogs you may have noticed there are many different looking puppies. Some English Bulldog puppies are more slender and tall, with a longer body with narrow faces with longer muzzles. This type of puppy is of lesser quality and will grow up looking taller, narrower in the chest, thinner legs, longer back and longer muzzle, some with no wrinkle over their nose. Some pups are heavy bodied and have thicker legs and shorter muzzled with larger heads and more wrinkled. We breed for the heavy fat little Bulldog puppies with heavy legs and body, wide chests, big head and short bodied with short muzzle and our puppies are usually very wrinkled by the time they are 8 to 10 weeks old. In order to get this heavy, wide chested, heavy boned(thick legs) large head wide muzzle and wide jaw we have imported some beautiful Bulldogs from the U.K. and Europe from top show kennels.This is not the same as buying a puppy from a mass importer who gets puppies from European puppymills. Our English Bulldogs came from Reputable knowlegeable breeders who breed top winning show dogs.
Now you say, I only want a puppy for a pet so it doesn't matter where I get it. It does matter if you want a English Bulldog puppy that will be healthy, one that looks like you want and one that has a nice sweet temperament. Show dogs are not only judged on conformation, their temperment is also evaluated and a kennel that puts out unhealthy dogs would not have success for long. Breeders that love the breed and care what they breed know it reflects on their reputation. Backyard breeders and mass importers and pet stores are all out for profit. Look at the parents of any Bulldog puppy you are considering. The puppy will get their parents gene pool and both the good and bad traits. There are many health problems that an English Bulldog puppy can have. Buying from a reputable and experienced English Bulldog breeder will help assure you get a healthy puppy.
Pet stores get their English Bulldog puppies from puppy mills. These puppies are lesser quality and many have genetic defects since these places are more out for profit and not concerned with following a breed standard for the correct conformation and temperament, or, breeding healthy English Bulldogs.They purchase the cheapest breeding stock they can find. Any English Bulldog puppy you get is only as good as the breeder you got it from, after all, their knowledge of the breed and bloodlines, love of the breed, motive for raising puppies, and the care they give them. And the most important part, the parents of the puppies. These are all influencing how your new puppy will be as an adult Bulldog. Puppies raised in filthy conditions from substandard parents and raised on cheap food and paid no attention to, are not going to be the pet you want no matter how cheap the price is. If you get the puppy and find out it has parasites, kennel cough, and severe genetic defects after you are already attached to it can be a heartbreaking experience as well as a lot of vet bills. Buy a good English Bulldog puppy even if you have to pay more you will be happier with a more healthy, well cared for, and more socialised puppy

Development In An English Bulldog Puppy

English Bulldog puppies are born with pink noses, eyes closed, and no wrinkles. They have little stubs for ears and their ears are closed until about 2 and a half to 3 weeks of age. As the puppies develop, their eyes open at about 10 days and they start getting black pigment on their nose and eye rims. Most Bulldog puppies do not get heavily wrinkled until 6 to 8 weeks of age. At that time their ears also start to go back into a "rose ear" the proper ears for a Bulldog.Some English Bulldog puppies take longer for their ears to go back and some breeders will glue them so they will go into proper position. A Bulldog puppy is usually gorgeous at 12 weeks of age with all their wrinkles, ears in position, and most of their pigment is in. Some bloodlines however are slower than others and may have pink spots on their noses up until a year of age. please remember that no other color of nose is desired in a Bulldog puppy other than black. If you see a puppy with a pink nose and black spots do not worry the black will fill in as the puppy gets older. A Bulldog puppy with a brown, blue, or liver colored nose is not desirable in the AKC Bulldog breed standard and should not be used for breeding. Black English Bulldogs are also against the AKC Bulldog breed standard and therefore a reputable breeder will not purposely breed for this color.

What Is A Bulldog Breed Standard? Why Does It Matter In Breeding an English Bulldog?

Breed standards are developed for one reason. To be a guide to breeders so they know what a perfect dog should be in their particular breed. Dog shows are for judges to evaluate how close to that standard an exhibitors dog is. The standard for the English Bulldog is very specific in what constitutes a good Bulldog. Anyone who purposely disregards this standard and breeds to sell puppies that are bred with serious faults and deviations from the breed standard are not breeding to improve the Bulldog breed. For instance, black is considered undesirable in the English Bulldog because it is thought to be that black Bulldogs had"impure blood" to quote some old Bulldog books. Meaning, mixed breed not pure Bulldog.The same with any other color of nose other than black. English Bulldogs were bred for a purpose, so their conformation and temperament should be to fit the purpose for which they were bred. If a breeder doesn't understand or use as a guide the Bulldog standard or its purpose, it is not a good idea to buy puppies from this person since they are not breeding to improve the Bulldog breed. They are simply breeding puppies that they think will sell. This month it is black, next month it might be dudley nosed because they are "rare" and they can get more money for them. Yes they are rare because responsible breeders will not breed serious faults and sell them as rare. Blues eyes are another fault not rare. Lastly, The correct term for the breed is simply"Bulldog" however everyone knows the breed by English Bulldogs or British Bulldogs. Some even call them Old English Bulldogs. For your information: Olde English and American Bulldogs are mixed breeds not recognised by AKC as purebred.

We sell our puppies to homes wanting a family member only. We do not sell puppies for breeding. *no exceptions!!*

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