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English Bulldog Puppies expected in April 2017 Reservations are being taken now.


Welcome to Brenglora Bulldogs

Brenglora Bulldogs was established in 1979 with the purchase of our first Bulldog "Sally". We joined the Bulldog Club Of America in 1980. I always had a passion for the Euopean bred Bulldogs.So for the last 10 years I have bred only from European bloodlines and have imported several dogs and have been very happy with the results both in conformation and health. Our English Bulldog puppies will not be the cheapest you can find for sale, We have dedicated many years to breed the healthiest Bulldogs we can. We have imported many from Europe to improve on health issues and to get some features we wanted to put back in our dogs.  If you want the cheapest puppy you can find,please go elsewhere.We are breeders of  Bulldogs living to 14 years. Bulldogs are not a breed to bargain hunt for. You may end up with more in vet bills than the initial price you paid for a cheap puppy not to mention the heartbreak that goes along with losing a dog early in life.

English Bulldog Puppies For Sale And Upcoming Litters

We will have English Bulldog Puppies born in April 2017. We are accepting reservations now.These litters should be gorgeous. If you are far away from us we have a puppy courier who can hand deliver your puppy to you.and meet you at your nearest airport, or you may fly to our nearest airport and take your puppy home with you as a carry-on. If you decide to use our courier, the puppy is with them the entire flight in the cabin, not in cargo. We have used the same lady and her husband for several years they are great with the puppies. Contact us to see if we have English Bulldog Puppies for sale or litters coming up in the future.

English Bulldog Puppies pictured below not available for sale. These are already sold.

Male English Bulldog Puppy

Male English Bulldog Puppy

Male English Bulldog puppy It was a windy day his ear was blowing.

Side view male English Bulldog puppy